How Employees Factor into the Success of Your Business

Quality employees are essential for the long-term success and growth of any business.  Many entrepreneurs learn this simple fact far too late.  Regardless of what kind of business you own, a handful of key employees can either make or break you.  Sadly, businesses have been destroyed by employees that don’t care, or even worse, are actually working to undermine the business that employs them.  In short, the more you evaluate your employees, the better off you and your business will be.

Forbes’ article “Identifying Key Employees When Buying a Business”, from Richard Parker does a fine job in encouraging entrepreneurs to think more about how their employees impact their businesses and the importance of factoring in employees when considering the purchase of a business. 

As Parker states, “One of the most important components when evaluating a business for sale is investigating its employees.”  This statement does not only apply to buyers.  Of course, with this fact in mind, sellers should take every step possible to build a great team long before a business is placed on the market.

There are many variables to consider when evaluating employees.  It is critical, as Parker points out, to determine exactly how much of the work burden the owner of the business is shouldering.  If an owner is trying to “do it all, all the time” then buyers must determine who can help shoulder some of the responsibility, as this is key for growth.

In Parker’s view, one of the first steps in the buyer’s due diligence process is to identify key employees.  Parker strongly encourages buyers to determine how the business will fair if these employees were to leave or cross over to a competitor.  Assessing if an employee is valuable involves more than simply evaluating an employee’s current benefit.  Their future value and potential damage they could cause upon leaving are all factors that must be weighed.  Wisely, Parker recommends having a test period where you can evaluate employees and the business before entering into a formal agreement.

It is key to never forget that your employees help you build your business.  The importance of specific employees to any given business varies widely.  But sellers should understand what employees are key and why.  Additionally, sellers should be able to articulate how key employees can be replaced and even have a plan for doing so.  Since, savvy buyers will understand the importance of key employees and evaluate them, it is essential that sellers are prepared to have their employees placed under the microscope along with the rest of their business.

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The Importance of Understanding Leases

Leases should never be overlooked when it comes to buying or selling a business.  After all, where your business is located and how long you can stay at that location plays a key role in the overall health of your business.  It is easy to get lost with “larger” issues when buying or selling a business.  But in terms of stability, few factors rank as high as that of a lease.  Let’s explore some of the key facts you’ll want to keep in mind where leases are concerned.

The Different Kinds of Leases

In general, there are three different kinds of leases: sub-lease, new lease and the assignment of the lease.  These leases clearly differ from one another, and each will impact a business in different ways.

A sub-lease is a lease within a lease.  If you have a sub-lease then another party holds the original lease.  It is very important to remember that in this situation the seller is the landlord.  In general, sub-leasing will require that permission is granted by the original landlord.  With a new lease, a lease has expired and the buyer must obtain a new lease from the landlord.  Buyers will want to be certain that they have a lease in place before buying a new business otherwise they may have to relocate the business if the landlord refuses to offer a new lease.

The third lease option is the assignment of lease.  Assignment of lease is the most common type of lease when it comes to selling a business.  Under the assignment of lease, the buyer is granted the use of the location where the business is currently operating.  In short, the seller assigns to the buyer the rights of the lease.  It is important to note that the seller does not act as the landlord in this situation.

Understand All Lease Issues to Avoid Surprises

Early on in the buying process, buyers should work to understand all aspects of a business’s lease.  No one wants an unwelcomed surprise when buying a business, for example, discovering that a business must be relocated due to lease issues.

Summed up, don’t ignore the critical importance of a business’s leasing situation.  Whether you are buying or selling a business, it is in your best interest to clearly understand your lease situation.  Buyers want stable leases with clearly defined rules and so do sellers, as sellers can use a stable leasing agreement as a strong sales tool.

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Northern Liberties has been a dense, affluent community just outside of Center City for years now, but it may be about to hit another level.

Northern Liberties Is Getting More, Taller Multifamily Developments PhiladelphiaMultifamily July 08, 2018 Matthew Rothstein, Bisnow Philadelphia FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint Tower Investments/BKV Group A rendering of Bart Blatstein’s Piazza Terminal project in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia Northern Liberties has been a dense, affluent community just outside of Center City for years now, but it may be about to hit another level. The neighborhood composed of mainly rowhomes and low- to mid-rise apartment buildings is the site of multiple proposals for mixed-use developments with floor counts in the double digits. The largest of those is Bart Blatstein’s Piazza Terminal project, his final major development in the neighborhood he revived with his original Piazza years ago. While Post Brothers recently took over part ownership and management of the original Piazza from Kushner Cos., Piazza Terminal across Germantown Avenue is set to contain multiple buildings taller than any in the original. That project is on the northeastern edge of Northern Liberties, while two developments could be on the rise on the southeastern edge. Ardmore-based US Realty owns two plots of land on either side of Front Street where it intersects with Spring Garden Street, where it proposed a parking garage and a Wawa with gas pumps to the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association at the beginning of May. The association voted against the proposal, and because gas pumps require a zoning variance in that area, US Realty has gone back to the drawing board, promising to bring a different proposal to the NLNA soon. The developer owns the office building across the street from the lots in question, and has said it will require a parking garage to accommodate the tenants there. Coscia Moos Architecture A rendering of DeSimone Auto Group’s proposal for a mixed-use development on North Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia Just one block to the east, another multifamily development has been proposed for the upcoming Civic Design Review meeting on July 10. Car dealership DeSimone Auto Group plans for a 15-story, 140K SF tower with a showroom for DeSimone’s high-end used cars on the ground floor. The proposal includes 96 apartments, split between affordable and market-rate units, taking up 127K SF from the fourth through 14th floors. The project will have a green roof deck and amenity space on top, additional amenity space on the third floor, 31 parking spaces for residents and 86 for the dealership split between the basement and the second and third floors.  DeSimone plans to sell the multifamily portion of the building once completed, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Once the proposal moves beyond CDR, it will have to apply for variances with the Zoning Board of Adjustment, due to its height and lack of outdoor space on the 9K SF lot.

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Press Release – Procision welcomes Shaun Thompson to Advisory Team

shaun thompsonProcision Business Brokers and Commercial Realty is proud to announce the addition of Shaun Thompson to our Advisory Team.  Shaun offers an impressive business background that includes nearly two decades of experience in business oversight, strategic marketing, and entrepreneurship. His diverse experience will be a welcomed benefit to Procision’s growing client base throughout the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey region.

As a devout husband and family man, Shaun is the proud father of two beautiful young daughters. In his spare time, he practices as a musician and is classically trained in percussions and vocals. Shaun is a graduate of Full Sail University and resides in the Camden County section of South Jersey.  He is an avid investor and entrepreneur in the region and is well connected with the local business community.

Shaun boasts an extensive background in I.T., Business Operations, Performance Coaching and Analysis.  In addition to his experience as an Entrepreneur, Shaun’s professional portfolio includes the representation of technology giants such as Comcast and Sprint as well as well as the strategic liquidation of Blockbuster’s brick and mortar locations.  Consistent with Procision’s core mission, Shaun will continue to leverage his unique business experience and emphasize superior service, thoughtful planning, objective advice, and timely execution with each engagement.

Procision Business Brokers and Commercial Realty is a Business Advisory Group that provides Comprehensive Solutions for the needs of Business Owners, Investors, Landlords and Tenants in the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Region. Procision’s offerings include the following synergistic Suite of Services:

  • PROCISION BUSINESS BROKERS – M&A Brokerage, Business Consulting and Business Valuations services
  • PROCISION COMMERCIAL REALTY – Investment Sales, Landlord and Tenant Representation, Asset Management and Consulting Services

As a diverse team of savvy professionals, they are dedicated to the aggressive growth of their services and value collaboration, development and continuous improvement in all that they do. Procision’s unwavering Mission is to function as a Trusted Business Advisor and create superior value for their Clients.

For more information, please visit them at or call 856-228-5151.


female clothing store worker opening up shop

female clothing store worker opening up shop

While being a business owner may in the end not be for everyone, there is no denying the great rewards that come to business owners.  So should you buy a business of your own?  Let’s take a moment and outline the diverse benefits of owning a business and help you decide whether or not this path is right for you.

Do You Want More Control?

A key reason that so many business savvy people opt for owning a business is that it offers a high level of control.  In particular, business owners are in control of their own destiny.  If you have ever wished that you had more control over your life and decisions, then owning a business or franchise may be for you.

Owning a business allows you to chart your own course.  You can hire employees to reduce your workload once the business is successful and, in the process, free up time to spend doing whatever you like.  This is something that you can never hope to achieve working for someone else; after all, you can’t outsource a job.

Keep in mind that when you own a business or franchise, you never have to worry about being downsized or having your job outsourced.  You also don’t have to worry about asking for a raise.  No doubt business owners do have to contend with market forces and unexpected turns.  But even considering those factors, business owners clearly enjoy a greater level of control over their destiny.

Are You Willing to Forgo Benefits?

As an employee, you’ll usually be able to count on a regular income and even allowances for sick days and vacation days.  However, business owners lose money if they are sick or take a vacation.  Plus, they won’t necessary have the steady salary that employees receive as they could see their income vary from one month to the next.

Do You Want to Grow Your Income?

Business owners have the potential to grow their income and take a range of proactive steps that lead to income growth.  As an employee, your fate is far different.  Employees usually exercise either minimal or no control over the course of a business and have no say in key decisions that impact its growth and stability.  Being a business owner by contrast allows you to seize that control.

The amount of income made by business owners varies widely depending on everything from the industry to the region.  But statistics show that the longer you own your business the more you’ll make.  In fact, those who have owned their businesses for greater than 10 years tend to earn upwards of 6 figures per year.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not being a business owner is right for you is to work with a business broker.  A broker understands everything that goes into owning a business and can help you determine whether or not you have the mindset to set out on the path towards business ownership.

Profitable Frozen Yogurt and Custard Store for Sale Gloucester County, NJ

Cup of soft-serve frozen yogurt on white background.

Want to own your own business AND take the winter / holidays off? This is your chance!

This Seasonal Frozen Yogurt and Custard Franchise offers a buyer the exciting opportunity to own a Turnkey Seasonal Business that is profitable and easy to run. Located adjacent to multiple businesses that produce significant foot traffic and ideally positioned on a highly traveled thoroughfare, the business enjoys excellent exposure and visibility. Product offerings include such tasty delights as frozen yogurt, frozen custard, milkshakes, waffle bowls, ice cream sandwiches, a multitude of sundae toppings and several health conscious options. With hours that range from lunch time to late night, the shop serves the local and neighboring communities seven days per week. In addition to hosting various parties, it supports an assortment of community organizations including numerous little leagues, cheerleading teams, local schools and a performing arts venue with events and fundraising opportunities on-site.

As an established Franchise, the business utilizes a well defined supply line that assures simple and consistent product offerings. Franchise support is available to a prospective Franchisee, including comprehensive training, expertise and assistance. Additionally, the Franchisor provides a unique and flexible platform that encourages the development of additional lines of revenue. All the procedures, staffing and business structure are in place and ready for a smooth ownership transition. Prior experience is not required.

Highlights of the Business are as follows:

  • Turnkey Opportunity – no experience necessary
  • Lease – long term lease in place with advantageous rental rate
  • Facility – 1,900 sf end-cap unit with seating for 38
  • FFE – extensive build-out and equipment in place – over $300K invested
  • Exclusive franchise territory with limited outside competition
  • Visibility – Excellent exposure on a well-traveled road and end cap position

Note: Buyer must be approved by Franchisor, pay a Franchise Transfer Fee and participate in the Franchisor Training Program as a condition of the sale.

Includes: All furniture, fixtures, equipment and goodwill
PRICE – $110,000



Interested in Investment Sales?  Are you a self-starter and willing to learn?  Do you have an outgoing and confident personality?  Are you looking for an exciting opportunity for growth and development?

Procision Business Brokers and Commercial Realty is seeking a new Associate Team Member to join our Advising Team.  The ideal candidate will possess excellent character and the highest level of integrity in all that they do.  They will be results oriented, exhibit a consistent sense of urgency and desire to reach new heights both personally and in their future career.  If you are results driven, self-motivated and have a track record of success, this is an excellent opportunity.  Work on listings from day one and expand your knowledge and capabilities in the process!



Procision Business Brokers and Commercial Realty is a Business Advisory Group that provides Comprehensive Solutions for the needs of Business Owners, Investors, Landlords and Tenants in the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Region. We are dedicated to the aggressive growth of our services and value collaboration, development and continuous improvement as a team.  Procision’s unwavering Mission is to function as a Trusted Business Advisor and create superior value for our Clients.

This is an excellent opportunity for a candidate that is looking to gain valuable skills and exposure in the business world and do so in an exciting entrepreneurial environment!

If you feel that you are a good match, please reply with your contact information and resume.

Procision Business Brokers – THE POWER OF RECURRING REVENUE



Buyers and sellers alike love recurring revenue.  But what is it exactly that makes it so attractive?  Recurring revenue is generally viewed as a very good factor as it indicates positive cash flow, the potential for growth, business success and business stability.  Let’s take a closer look at how it can benefit you.

Show You’re in Demand

Businesses, including IT companies, are valued higher if they can show recurring revenue, such as monthly subscriptions, SaaS subscriptions, or a transaction that consistently occurs.  If your business is centered on a subscription based platform and you have high subscription levels, then you can expect keen interest from prospective buyers.

If you want to show a prospective buyer that your business is a good bet, then recurring revenue is a great place to start.  Recurring revenue indicates that you have ongoing consumers and that means ongoing revenue.  But recurring revenue indicates something else as well, namely, it indicates that your business is providing a consistent service that is consistently in demand.

Take the Pressure Off Buyers

Buyers like predictability.  Recurring revenue means that a buyer knows that he or she can buy a business and count on income from day one.

Sellers can often forget that most buyers get nervous when they are making any kind of business buying decision.  The power of recurring revenue is, in part, psychological as it allows buyers to realize that there will be revenue no matter what.  Even if they do little to develop the business, cash will flow in.  In other words, the psychological value of recurring revenue is that it takes much of the pressure off.

Examining Your Annual Recurring Revenue

If your business has a strong annual recurring revenue or “ARR”, then you should place a good deal of focus on this fact.  Many feel that a company’s ARR number is a powerful indicator of a company’s overall health.

Ultimately, recurring revenue indicates a great deal about your company.  High recurring revenue doesn’t just mean that you have a reliable source of income every period.  It indicates that your business is providing a service that is needed and valued.  Strong recurring revenues also indicate that your business is doing many things correctly and that your goods and/or services are of such a caliber that you are generating repeat business.

Visibility and Transparency

Savvy buyers also value visibility and transparency.  Thanks to this kind of consistent income, it is easier for buyers to plan for and manage future expenses and increase a business’s overall stability.

Part of properly showcasing your business is to emphasize your business’s recurring revenues if they do indeed occur.  A seasoned business broker can be an invaluable ally in helping you reveal your business in the best light possible.

Procision Business Brokers - Philadelphia market area


Procision Commercial Realty brokers the acquisition of 303,000 Sf Industrial Site in Warminster, PA

imageWarminster, PA ‐‐ Procision Commercial Realty, an affiliate of Procision Business Brokers, represented LRS Corp in the acquisition of 955 Mearns Road in Warminster, PA. This 303,000 SF facility features flexible space including office, warehouse, and light

fabrication users. At the time of closing, the building was 96.5% occupied and featured a varied tenant mix and attractive lease terms.  The transaction was completed at just over $16 Million.

The seller, MIM-Hayden Mearns LP, was represented by Dan Mayock and Adam Gillespie of SSH Real Estate.  “955 Mearns was a great cash flow producer for MIM‐Hayden,” said Mayock. “In the past few years, every time a tenant left the building they had a new tenant in place within months. It is a testament to the newfound strength in the American manufacturing sector, and how tight the industrial market is in Bucks County right now.”

Robert Beach, President of Procision Commercial Realty handled the negotiations on behalf of the buyer and helped them emerge from the competitive field of potential suitors. With a roster of quality tenants, the building is anchored by several International tenants, including SP Industries and ChemPump, who collectively occupy over 50% of the property. “Considering the limited product available, 955 Mearns represented an excellent opportunity for my client to acquire a quality asset with a stabilized and diverse tenant base. We are quite pleased with the purchase,” said Beach.

About Procision Commercial Realty

Founded as a Business and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Procision Commercial Realty offers one-stop, synergistic services for Business Owners, Investors, Landlords and Tenants alike.  Through their Comprehensive Suite of Real Estate Services and Transaction Solutions, Procision Commercial Realty serves the needs of the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Region.  For additional information, please visit the company’s website at or contact Robert Beach at 856-228-5151.

Old City District releases its a new report on the Philadelphia community. – Philadelphia…

Old City is young, smart and undergoing a resurgence in residential development and job growth, according to an inaugural report by Old City District called, The State of Old City.
from Procision Business Brokers & Procision Commercial Realty