Comprehensive Selling Process

Selling a Business is a highly complicated endeavor and is filled with potential issues and failures.  Realistically, only a small portion, estimated at 20%, of all businesses that go to market actually sell.

Successfully transitioning from a business and extracting its full value is not an easy task!      CLICK TO LEARN MORE


In addressing the various challenges associated with the sales process, Procision has developed a proven and Comprehenshive Selling Process that dramatically increases the probability of a successful transaction and mitigates the unanticipated pitfalls that derail the typical sales process.

Procision’s multi-faceted process produces the highest success rates in the Merger and Acquisition industry.  Our extensive and refined methodology is based on the ability to analyze, assess, strategize and execute and incorporates the following key components:


Strategy Development

Our process begins with a discovery and initial analysis stage where we conduct an interview with ownership and obtain a series of targeted information about the business at hand.  Thereafter, we perform a complete initial analysis and review all aspects of the business, including but not limited to the following:

  • location / demographic characteristics
  • assets of the business
  • real estate or leases
  • operations
  • management / staff
  • financial records
  • competitive landscape
  • business structure

Through this exercise, our team develops a clear understanding of the business, its specific dynamics and the drivers associated with its value.

Once we’ve formulated a compete snapshot of the business, we develop a roadmap for the successful sale of the business.  Contemplating and addressing the specific nuances of the business, a comprehensive strategy is established and includes such considerations as pricing, marketing, presentation and advantageous deal structure.  As a result of our expertise and market intelligence, we are keenly aware of buyer sensitivities, the factors that they consider and in the end, what will attract them to your business.  Throughout the planning exercise, we apply this intelligence and focus on the optimal path that will meet the needs of the market and attract a viable and interested buyer to the transaction.

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Our goal, like yours, is to successfully complete every transaction for the highest price that the market will bear and do so in the shortest timeframe possible!