Service Offerings

SELLER REPRESENTATION – For those owners that are ready to sell their business and move to the next stage of their lives, Procision Business Brokers offers “Exclusive Seller Representation” and a proven sales process.  Through our Comprehensive Selling Process, Procision simplifies the complicated disposition process, works to expedite the transaction and seeks to obtain the highest price that the market will yield.

We understand the challenges that business owners face in today’s aggressive economic environment and we look to alleviate the added burden of managing a complicated transaction.  As exclusive agents, we do all the heavy lifting and allow our clients to focus on the continuity of their Business during the selling process.

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MARKET VALUATION – For various reasons, including financing, partnership, family or retirement considerations to name a few, Business Owners often seek to understand the potential value and expected financial yield that their businesses would generate in the event of a Disposition.

As a stand-alone service, Procision Business Brokers is proud to offer Opinions of Value for such Business Owners.  We utilize industry “Best Practices” to develop customized Valuations.  These Opinions of Value contemplate and incorporate the latest market intelligence, multiple valuation methodologies and the drivers that influence the value assessment.  The process encompasses a complete review of the business, including its financial position, competitive landscape and the value proposition for potential buyers. Upon completion of the full analysis, a Procision Business Broker presents our findings and explains the Opinion of Value in an easy to understand format.

EXIT STRATEGY – In order to obtain the maximum value for one’s business and execute a successful transfer of ownership, proper preparation and positioning of the business is pivotal.  Recognizing the importance of this initial step, Procision Business Brokers provides Exit Strategy Consulting Services to Business Owners and assists them in the thorough positioning of their business prior to going to market.

Employing a consultative approach, we provide owners with a “Buyer’s Perspective” and outline the necessary steps required to accentuate the benefits and maximize the value that is inherent in their business.  Procision’s Exit Planning Services include a thorough review of the business, identification of its strengths and weaknesses and how they will be perceived by potential buyers and a road map for the optimization of the various value drivers that will be important to future Buyers.

Our goal is to assist Business Owners in maximizing the attractiveness, liquidity and market value of their business and prepare them for the most compelling and professional presentation of their business for future interested parties.

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BUYER REPRESENTATION – In addition to assisting Sellers, Procision Business Brokers offers Exclusive Buyer Representation to select potential buyers.  Through our extensive relationships, market database and broker network, we are able to identify the specific business opportunities that meet our buyer’s needs.

Once the right opportunity is identified, Procision advises our clients on market value, financing options, deal structure and the buying process.  Thereafter, we employ a Comprehensive Buying Process and assist them through the entire transaction process, including the purchase offer, purchase and sale agreement, inspections, due diligence, financing and closing.