Exit Planning

Have you thought about how you are going to exit your business in the future?  Do you have a plan that maximizes your Return on Investment?

Perhaps you may have contemplated a confidential sale to an interested buyer, a competitor, an existing employee, a family or friend or maybe you’ve even kicked around the ideas of franchising or a public offering.  Although many of these options may seem remote or far into the future, often business owners are forced to involuntarily sell due to unforeseen circumstances.  For instance, many have experienced sudden illness, disability, divorce or the death of a loved one.  Others are challenged by partner disputes, burnout, legal and cash flow issues.  You could work a lifetime building your business and an unforeseen event could force the business to dissolve with little or no financial benefit.

Regardless of whether the business exit is voluntary or involuntary, its prudent to begin planning and positioning your business for this inevitable event.  Ideally, every business owner should integrate exit planning and its strategic implementation into their everyday operations.  Hoever, if your time horizon for a sale is in the near future, now is the time to take action.

Procision’s Value

We assist Business Owners in maximizing the attractiveness, liquidity and market value of their business!

Procision is proud to offer Exit Planning Services to assist proactive Business Owners that are looking to position their businesses for future disposition.  We take a holistic approach and target our consulting specifically on those drivers that maximize the underlying value of the business and do so from a future buyer’s perspective.

Our in-depth process includes the following key steps:

  1. Complete business review
  2. Evaluation of disposition strengths and weaknesses
  3. Optimization action plan

Procision can also assist Owners with the implementation of the Action Plan as an optional service.

Although planning is the focus of any exit strategy, diligent execution and implementation of each measurable action item is essential for success.  Through our comprehensive consulting process, we recognize this reality and highlight the key components for successful exit planning.

Planning – The exercise as a whole encourages Business Owners to think about their future and plan in advance for the successful sale of their business.  Procision’s Business Review and Evaluation helps Owner’s define their exit planning objectives and establish a strategy to reach these important goals.

Action Steps – Once the evaluation of the business is complete and the goals of the Owners have been identified, an Optimization Plan is developed that addresses the current state of the business and the necessary steps required to optimize its future viability, continuity and market value.  The plan accounts for the strengths and weaknesses of the business and how they will be viewed by an informed buyer and their finance source.

Measurement – In order to assure complete implementation of the Action Plan, specific action items, timelines and criteria will be outlined.  The resulting measurement, tracking and accountability will be paramount to the success of the plan.

Upon the successful implementation of a Procision Exit Plan, your business and its future sales potential will benefit from enhanced planning, management, leadership, systems, procedures and most importantly, liquidity and market value.