Transaction Management

Logistically speaking, managing the sales process and navigating through the series of transaction steps and closing requirements can be a daunting task.  Most business owners are surprised by the level of complexity and the rigorous demands associated with driving the transaction to completion.  They are often unprepared for the volume of legal documentation, required timelines, coordination of professionals and unexpected issues that inevitably arise during this challenging process.

Again, completing the sale of a business is no easy task!

Procision’s Comprehensive Selling Process simplifies this series of complicated actions, reduces the risk of a failed transaction and alleviates many of the headaches that are associated with a typical business sale.  These focused services include professional guidance, counseling and in-depth transaction management that runs from the start of the engagement through to the closing of the sale.  We do much of the heavy lifting and advance the process over the goal line.

Our Comprehensive Transaction Management addresses each of the components that are integral to the completion of a successful disposition, including the following sampling of key elements:

  • qualification of prospects
  • confidential info sharing
  • Site visits
  • deal structure consulting
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • communication and negotiations
  • contingency removal
  • due diligence

  • timelines / deadlines
  • financing requirements
  • professional network
  • coordination of professionals involved
  • Document warehousing
  • Real Estate considerations
  • Closing coordination

The complexity of each of these components and the need for complete oversight compels most business owners to seek out professional assistance.  Procision’s team of dedicated professionals is fully committed to assisting our valued Clients and providing unmatched comprehensive deal management with every opportunity.