Exclusive Buyer Representation

So after much thought and probably many sleepless nights, you’ve made the huge decision to buy a business.  People decide to pursue such a path for many reasons.  Some make the leap for freedom or a desire to be their own boss and do things their own way.  Others see the potential to grow wealth or accumulate assets for their family’s future.  There are those who are business owners that seek to expand or diversify their business holdings.  Regardless of whether they are a 1st time buyer or an experienced business owner, they all have one thing in common.  They must navigate through the challenging acquisition process and expend the significant time commitment that accompanies a business purchase.  Many choose to seek out a Trusted Advisor with the necessary expertise, resources and network to assist them in successfully completing their Business Acquisition goal.

Although Procision regularly interacts with Buyers during the normal course of business, our team also provides Exclusive Buyer Representation to select potential buyers.  Through this exclusive fee-based agency relationship, Procision’s Experts assist Buyers in the identification, analysis, negotiation and transaction management required to complete the acquisition process.

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Our Comprehensive Exclusive Buyer Process begins with an interactive and collaborative effort that looks to establish pre-determined criteria for the business acquisition.  We work with our Client to identify the specific type and size of businesses that would best suite their Buyer’s Profile.  Thereafter, we employ a targeted buying methodology that focuses on the following key steps:

Search – Though our extensive database, daily market presence and vast network of business owners, professionals and brokers, we continuously monitor market activity and available business opportunities. Employing such market intelligence, we assist our Buyers in the identification, qualification and investigation of specific buying opportunities.

Evaluation – Once the targeted business is selected, we assist with the review and analysis of the opportunity and help determine the probable valuation range that reflects the value proposition of the targeted business.

Deal – Upon completion of the evaluation stage, Procision aids in the development of a purchase offer and the deal structure that it will include and negotiates on behalf of our Client.  Additionally, if needed, we connect Buyers with potential finance sources that can help in making a deal possible.

Transaction – Procision’s team of professionals help manage each step of the difficult transaction process.  From the assembling of due diligence information and the satisfaction of contingencies, to the coordination of professionals and required documents, we help simplify each step of the process and work to successfully facilitate our Buyer’s purchase.