With each and every disposition engagement, Procision develops an aggressive marketing plan for the Confidential introduction of our Client’s business and strives to achieve maximum exposure in the marketplace. We seek to reach the largest pool of qualified buyers possible and perform extensive screening of prospects to identify only those that represent a true potential buyer.  Ideally, we seek to attract multiple interested parties at the same time and establish a competitive environment that implores buyers to take action.

Procision’s marketing program revolves around three key areas:

  1. Marketing Collateral
  2. Advertising
  3. Confidentiality

Upon completion of our Strategic Planning and the preparation of the business for the coming Disposition Process, Procision assembles a series of marketing pieces that will be used throughout the marketing process.  These include business profiles that will be used for various types of marketing media and business fliers that will be distributed thru targeted marketing efforts.  Additionally, detailed Confidential Business Summaries will be developed for distribution to screened prospects upon the execution of the proper confidentiality documents.

Utilizing numerous marketing platforms and strategies, Procision looks to inform and educate the marketplace as to the availability and attractiveness of the business and do so in a targeted and purposeful manner.  In addition to employing advertising mediums such as local and national publications, internet listing services, trade associations and chambers of commerce to name a few, we achieve maximum advertising exposure through the additional use of our website traffic, network of business contacts and professionals, expansive database of potential buyers and collaboration with other business brokers and their buyers.

Finally, all marketing efforts are done with the utmost in Confidentiality.  Procision appreciates and values the importance of maintaining confidentiality and its role in sustaining business continuity and ongoing profitability throughout the sales process.