female clothing store worker opening up shop

female clothing store worker opening up shop

While being a business owner may in the end not be for everyone, there is no denying the great rewards that come to business owners.  So should you buy a business of your own?  Let’s take a moment and outline the diverse benefits of owning a business and help you decide whether or not this path is right for you.

Do You Want More Control?

A key reason that so many business savvy people opt for owning a business is that it offers a high level of control.  In particular, business owners are in control of their own destiny.  If you have ever wished that you had more control over your life and decisions, then owning a business or franchise may be for you.

Owning a business allows you to chart your own course.  You can hire employees to reduce your workload once the business is successful and, in the process, free up time to spend doing whatever you like.  This is something that you can never hope to achieve working for someone else; after all, you can’t outsource a job.

Keep in mind that when you own a business or franchise, you never have to worry about being downsized or having your job outsourced.  You also don’t have to worry about asking for a raise.  No doubt business owners do have to contend with market forces and unexpected turns.  But even considering those factors, business owners clearly enjoy a greater level of control over their destiny.

Are You Willing to Forgo Benefits?

As an employee, you’ll usually be able to count on a regular income and even allowances for sick days and vacation days.  However, business owners lose money if they are sick or take a vacation.  Plus, they won’t necessary have the steady salary that employees receive as they could see their income vary from one month to the next.

Do You Want to Grow Your Income?

Business owners have the potential to grow their income and take a range of proactive steps that lead to income growth.  As an employee, your fate is far different.  Employees usually exercise either minimal or no control over the course of a business and have no say in key decisions that impact its growth and stability.  Being a business owner by contrast allows you to seize that control.

The amount of income made by business owners varies widely depending on everything from the industry to the region.  But statistics show that the longer you own your business the more you’ll make.  In fact, those who have owned their businesses for greater than 10 years tend to earn upwards of 6 figures per year.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not being a business owner is right for you is to work with a business broker.  A broker understands everything that goes into owning a business and can help you determine whether or not you have the mindset to set out on the path towards business ownership.

Profitable Frozen Yogurt and Custard Store for Sale Gloucester County, NJ

Cup of soft-serve frozen yogurt on white background.

Want to own your own business AND take the winter / holidays off? This is your chance!

This Seasonal Frozen Yogurt and Custard Franchise offers a buyer the exciting opportunity to own a Turnkey Seasonal Business that is profitable and easy to run. Located adjacent to multiple businesses that produce significant foot traffic and ideally positioned on a highly traveled thoroughfare, the business enjoys excellent exposure and visibility. Product offerings include such tasty delights as frozen yogurt, frozen custard, milkshakes, waffle bowls, ice cream sandwiches, a multitude of sundae toppings and several health conscious options. With hours that range from lunch time to late night, the shop serves the local and neighboring communities seven days per week. In addition to hosting various parties, it supports an assortment of community organizations including numerous little leagues, cheerleading teams, local schools and a performing arts venue with events and fundraising opportunities on-site.

As an established Franchise, the business utilizes a well defined supply line that assures simple and consistent product offerings. Franchise support is available to a prospective Franchisee, including comprehensive training, expertise and assistance. Additionally, the Franchisor provides a unique and flexible platform that encourages the development of additional lines of revenue. All the procedures, staffing and business structure are in place and ready for a smooth ownership transition. Prior experience is not required.

Highlights of the Business are as follows:

  • Turnkey Opportunity – no experience necessary
  • Lease – long term lease in place with advantageous rental rate
  • Facility – 1,900 sf end-cap unit with seating for 38
  • FFE – extensive build-out and equipment in place – over $300K invested
  • Exclusive franchise territory with limited outside competition
  • Visibility – Excellent exposure on a well-traveled road and end cap position

Note: Buyer must be approved by Franchisor, pay a Franchise Transfer Fee and participate in the Franchisor Training Program as a condition of the sale.

Includes: All furniture, fixtures, equipment and goodwill
PRICE – $110,000

Three Overlooked Areas to Investigate Before Buying

Before you jump in and buy any business, you’ll want to do your due diligence. Buying a business is no time to make assumptions or simply wing it. The only prudent course is to carefully investigate any business before buying, as the consequences of not doing so can in fact be rather dire. Let’s take a quick look at the three top overlooked areas to investigate before signing on the dotted line and buying a business.

1. Retirement Plans

Many buyers forget all about retirement plans when investigating a business prior to purchase. However, a failure to examine what regulations have been put into place could spell out disaster. For this reason, you’ll want to make certain that the business’s qualified and non-qualified retirement plans are up to date with the Department of Labor. There can be many surprises when you buy a business, but this is one you want to avoid.

2. 1099’s and W-2’s

Just as many prospective buyers fail to investigate the retirement plan of a business, the same is often true concerning 1099’s and W-2’s. In short, you’ll want to be sure that if 1099’s have been given out instead of W-2’s that it has been always done within existing IRS parameters. There is no reason to buy a business only to discover a headache with the IRS.

And speaking of employees, does the business you are interested in buying have employee handbooks? If so, you’ll want to make sure you review it carefully.

3. All Legal Documents

The simple fact is that you never want the business you are interested in buying to have its corporate veil pierced once you take over. You should carefully review all trademarks, copyrights and other areas of intellectual property to be sure that everything is completely in order. You’ll want to obtain copies of all consulting agreements, documents involving inventions as well as intellectual property assignments.

Everything should be protected and on legally sound footing. If you see any problems in this category you should run for the hills and find another business to buy.

Protect Yourself from a Potential Lifetime of Regret

Evaluating overlooked areas is essential in protecting your investment. For most people, the purchase of a business is the largest of his or her lifetime. It leaves little room for error.

Not only is it vital to investigate the major areas, but it is also essential to explore the smaller details. However, the truth of the matter is that when you’re buying a business there are no “small details.” No one realizes this fact more so than business brokers. Business brokers are experts in what it takes to buy and sell businesses. Working with a business broker is a significant move in the right direction. The time you invest in properly exploring and evaluating a business is time well spent and may literally save you from a lifetime of regret.




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